Please note the following procedure so that we can handle your service transaction in the best possible way. Please send goods to RAYLASE only after you have received an RMA number and the confirmation email. Otherwise, we will not be able to identify your product and will have to return it to you, which will result in delays and additional costs for you.


1.      Please fill out the form completely and click on the "SUBMIT" button.

2.      You will immediately receive an RMA number by e-mail.

3.      A RAYLASE representative will review your RMA request and send you a confirmation e-mail for further action.

4.      If you have been requested by RAYLASE to return the goods: Please mark the RMA number clearly visible on the shipping box and send the goods to: 
RAYLASE GmbH, Argelsrieder Feld 2+4, 82234 Wessling, Germany

5.      As soon as the goods arrive at RAYLASE, our experts will carry out an examination to assess how much repair work is required. Depending on the diagnosis and expected repair value, the process differs as follows:

a.      If the repair costs are less than EUR 850 net (plus express charges), we will carry out the repair without further consultation in order to speed up the process for you. By sending in the goods, you thus give RAYLASE your approval to carry out the pending repair up to a value of EUR 850 net (plus express charges). You will receive a service report together with the invoice following the repair.

b.      For repair costs above EUR 850 net, you will receive a free preliminary service report/cost estimate with a request for approval. The repair will be carried out immediately after your approval within the agreed period.

c.      Exception: If you wish to approve repairs with a value of less than EUR 850 individually, we will charge a fee of EUR 100 for the preliminary service report/estimate.

6.      It is possible that during the execution of the repair, defects will become apparent that were not recognizable during the initial technical inspection, so that the actual repair costs exceed the original forecast. In the event of a deviation of up to 20 %, we will carry out the repair without further consultation with you. If the deviation is higher, we will send you a new service report/cost estimate with a request for approval.

7.      The repair time is usually 3-4 weeks (for express repairs usually one week), provided that the required spare parts are available.

8.      Warranty: Products still under warranty will be analyzed and repaired with "priority" status. This status expires if the warranty seal has been broken without explicit request from RAYLASE.

9.      Loaned goods: We also ask you to complete the service RMA form before returning any loaned goods. The list of products to be returned on this form will help us to process the return efficiently.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our team from Monday to Friday from 9:00 - 17:00. In service/support cases, please have the serial number of the relevant product ready when you call our hotline. Thank you for your assistance!

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** Additional processing fee EUR 500 plus VAT. With the express service the processing time is reduced to 1 week from the time the goods are received. Subject to availability of spare parts. 

The ordinary service life ("lifespan") of opto-mechanical products manufactured by RAYLASE, in particular of all deflection units and beam guiding components, is a maximum of 10 years calculated from the time of delivery. A guarantee or extension of the warranty is expressly not associated with this.

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