Case Study

Presentation of a sample solution for suppliers of machines in additive manufacturing. 
And the approach RAYLASE takes to offer you full support.

RAYLASE is the leading partner for high-performance deflection units and the necessary software and control electronics, which are used, for example, in laser-based solutions in additive manufacturing (AM).

We have created a new presentation to illustrate the benefits of using RAYLASE technology and of a partnership with us in a more tangible way for potential new partners in the area of AM. The presentation is based on the story of a fictional manufacturer called “Additive Manufacturing Enterprises” or “AME” for short and its product “AME-ZING 42”.

This short interactive introduction allows you to discover for yourself the history of AME, its “AME-ZING 42” solution and the RAYLASE technology it uses.

Join us on a virtual journey and discover how RAYLASE can help you in additive manufacturing.

Two tips for using the presentation: You can click on a textbox to enlarge the display of its contents. And, on the bottom left of each page, you can click on the “Back” link at any time to return to the previous page.

(1) About AME
Simply click on the white circle above the AME logo to access this first section of the presentation, which tells you all you need to know about a machine manufacturer for additive manufacturing. Demand for industry-grade solutions is on the rise, and not only in “traditional” AM sectors like the automotive or aerospace industry. Other industries are increasingly discovering the benefits of additive manufacturing – and AME believes it is well prepared for the challenges that lie ahead.

(2) „AME-ZING 42“
Click on the white circle around “AME-ZING 42” to display general information about this industry-grade AM solution from AME, as well as a subpage with the title “Technology” about the use of RAYLASE technologies in “AME-ZING 42”. Which deflection units are used? How can the various hardware and software components from RAYLASE be integrated into the overall solution? You will find answers to these questions and many more here.

(3) Your Challenge – Integration and Service & Process Monitoring
Using the example of the fictional AME company and its “AME-ZING 42” product, we demonstrate, in a practical way, what we can do for machine manufacturers and system integrators. Section 3 provides specific details of how we can support YOU. Of course, we do so with hardware like the AM-MODULE NEXT GEN, the SENSOR-Module or the SP-ICE-3 control card – but RAYLASE is also your expert, experienced partner for everything from planning and software to integration and service & process monitoring.

(4) About RAYLASE
At trade fairs like formnext, we meet many industry contacts that want to enter and invest in this market or are seeking a skilled partner to help them realise the machine solutions of the future. For these visitors, we have created a compact profile of RAYLASE, which you can display by clicking on the circle around the RAYLASE logo.



  • Manufacturing of metal parts using a powder bed AM-MODULE NEXT GEN
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