RAYLASE offers high-precision components for fast deflection and modulation of laser beams. These comprise top-quality optical elements, galvanometer scanners and control electronics with an intuitive software interface. Customers across the globe rely on the unique performance and reliability of our deflection units. These components form the cornerstone of industrial laser systems for scanning printed codes, marking textiles and surfaces, welding metal plates and plastics, and cutting and drilling semiconductor wafers and many other materials, including metal, plastic or glass. RAYLASE also develops and manufactures intelligent solutions with machine vision for the setup, automation and monitoring of laser processes and for additive manufacturing.


We at RAYLASE aim to be a successful and highly regarded company in the laser processing market.

In the networked industry of the future, laser processing will play an essential role in innovative manufacturing processes – helping create greater process flexibility, consistent sustainability, decreasing production costs and the highest quality standards in laser-manufactured finished products.

We at RAYLASE, with our skilled and determined employees, are set to become an essential part of this innovative business environment. Together with our customers, suppliers and partners, we’re working on solutions for manufacturing processes that today may seem little more than fantasy.

These innovative solutions are our contribution towards creating a sustainable future. And, because the development and implementation of solutions like these represent a challenge, we continuously strive for excellence; act responsibly, fairly and cooperatively; and always go the extra mile in providing our customers with the right solutions.

The future of manufacturing belongs to lasers. We at RAYLASE are helping create the laser processes of the future and, in this way, are on the path to becoming a globally important solution provider in this segment.



A focus on customers has been a stated objective of RAYLASE since the company was established in 1999. To completely satisfy and even exceed customer expectations and to keep customer satisfaction at a consistently high level, we introduced an end-to-end quality management system that is based on the needs of our company and complies with the ISO 9001:2015 standard.


RAYLASE quality policy.pdf RAYLASE certificate ISO9001:2015