Software Development

Boosting hardware through software

department role: Software Development

  • Development of firmware for controlling deflection units and lasers
  • Development of libraries (SDKs)
  • Development of end user software
  • Creation of algorithms to mark as efficiently and qualitatively as possible
  • Support of our customers - especially with software topics
  • Analysis and troubleshooting, e.g. in case of undesired marking results


What characterizes a good „Software Developer”?

  • Joy to breathe "life" into the hardware (e.g. control cards)
  • Analytical skills to get to the bottom of problems
  • Love for mathematics
  • Fun to work in a multi-cultural team
  • Willingness to assist the support team so that software-related customer questions are answered quickly


My Mission for Software Development:

Many components, such as our deflection units and lasers, are now very powerful and equipped with a variety of functions. But without a corresponding software, special functions would remain unused and hidden. We strive with our software to make all components interact with each other and to tease out the remaining performance. It is our concern that all components do not just "walk", but "run".

In the future, the need for software to automate and create powerful algorithms will continue to grow. With this in mind, I look forward to working with my colleagues to develop software that will allow laser processes to be performed even faster, more accurately, and with higher quality.

Markus Weber
Head of Software Development