QOR (Quality, Optics, Cleanroom) 

To ensure constant material flow from incoming and outgoing goods.

department role: QOR (Quality, Optics, Cleanroom)

  • Quality assurance of incoming goods of optics, mechanics, electronics
  • Quality assurance of outgoing goods of completed systems
  • Provision of all optical elements for production
  • Provision of all components for cleanroom production
  • Production of completed systems in our cleanroom
  • Optimization of work processes for cleanroom production

What characterizes a good „QOR employee“?

  • very good technical understanding
  • disciplined approach to work
  • independent way to work
  • quick comprehension
  • willingness to learn
  • flexibility
  • bringing in own ideas

My Mission for the QOR Department:

The QOR department comprises three quite different areas at RAYLASE. Within these areas I strive for a harmonious network, both within the department as well as with other departments. The colleagues should optimize the processes with their own input and suggestions for improvement and also help to shape them, because the people who work with it every day know best where the potentials for improvement are. My big goal is to create a professional, well-functioning workflow that can react quickly and flexibly to external changes.

Bartholomäus Matczak-Johannsen
Head of QOR