Mastering challenges with team spirit.

Department role: Purchasing

  • Compliance with Management requirements, e.g. 25 % regional procurement
  • Procurement according to current guidelines, e.g. specifications, environmental requirements
  • Consideration of supplier guidelines (Code of Conduct) worldwide
  • Involvement of suppliers in the development of the latest production techniques
  • Maintenance of master data
  • Application of up-to-date ordering systems (EDI)
  • Informing about current and upcoming market trends
  • Analyzing and optimizing material costs
  • Optimization of procurement processes
  • Expansion of supplier relationships

What characterizes a good „Buyer“?

  • Good interpersonal and people skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Strong communication and negotiation skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Stress resistance and resilience
  • Risk awareness
  • Entrepreneurial-strategic thinking

“Buyers act outwardly like entrepreneurs, internally they are indispensable service providers.”

My Mission for the Purchasing Department:

My idea for the future is to make an indispensable internal interface within the company that is used as an internal service provider. For me, this means that we are involved in all matters that have anything to do with purchasing. Why? Because with an involved purchasing department we are faster, better and cheaper than without purchasing. We will be happy to prove this!

So I see the art of purchasing in achieving good prices while maintaining the high quality of the products, always in accordance with the relevant requirements. And of course always keeping an eye on the delivery time.

Let's tackle it together! I am looking forward to moving the Purchasing Department forward with you.

Jürgen Westhoff
Head of Purchasing Department