project management

Prepare - Plan - Organize - Lead to the Goal

Department Role: Project management

  • Management and control of complex technological customer and development projects
  • Analysis, creation and implementation of requirement documents and definitions
  • Planning and control of deadlines, costs, resources and results
  • Coordination and support of suppliers, service providers and customers
  • Organization, assignment and coordination of tasks within the company
  • Monitoring the achievement of objectives for individual tasks, sub-projects and overall projects
  • Pursuing market requirements, deepening technology knowledge and methodological competence

What characterizes a good „Project Manager“?

  • overall technological, organizational and business understanding
  • systematic, independent and goal-oriented approach
  • communicative, moderating and cooperative teamwork
  • resilient, convincing and motivating personality
  • analytical, innovative and critical thinking
  • appreciative, open-minded and empathic behavior

My Mission for the Project Management department:

Technologies and methods are becoming more and more extensive, dynamic and complex. Projects in which products are brought to market maturity are therefore never trouble-free. Complicated challenges, unforeseen crisis situations, overlapping problems, and interpersonal misunderstandings cannot yet be solved by any machine or AI. Human coordination and intervention will always be required.

Every conscientiously managed and completed project - be it an in-house development or a customer-specific objective - expands our portfolio of offerings and is thus the basis for our company's success. Sales and the operative departments from purchasing to production to logistics can rely on the project execution and its results. As a result, our customers receive perfect products for their requirements.

Finding solutions and implementing them successfully - together.

Markus Mallmann
Head Project Management