Reconciling mechanics and software.

Department role: production

  • Integration, adjustment and calibration of electronic-mechanical deflection units
  • Further development of manufacturing processes
  • Internal repairs on behalf of our customers
  • Prefabrication of optical elements of our systems
  • Carrying out tests on completed laser deflection units

What characterizes a good “production worker”?

  • technical knowledge
  • an eye for quality (quality before time)
  • willingness to learn new things or to question things
  • willingness to help in a motivated team
  • concentration and reliability in daily tasks

My Mission for the Production Department:

With the further development of the production into a clean room, we have implemented an important step towards the future to ensure the cleanest possible production of our systems. This is where we want to continue in order to achieve top performance in our team in terms of quality and work efficiency.

In the end, it should also be fun for every team member to achieve our goals.

Bartholomäus Matczak-Johannsen
Head of Production