Mechanics & Optics Development

Jointly developing innovative products for the laser materials processing of tomorrow

Department role: Mechanics & Optics Development

  • Development and construction of laser deflection units and test and measurement devices
  • Development of optical systems for laser applications
  • Analysis, optimization, new development and verification of innovative laser deflection units
  • Construction and testing of initial samples and prototypes
  • Preparation of technical documentation for component production, internal assembly steps and qualifications
  • Product support from design stage to the start of production
  • Close cooperation with experts from application, production, QA, projects and purchasing
  • Support of production, QA, sales and technical support

What characterizes a good „Mechanics and Optics Developer“?

  • Creativity and interest in new technical implementation possibilities for product, assembly and performance improvement and developing these up to series production readiness
  • An accurate, independent, structured and reliable way of working
  • Skills in handling precision mechanical and optical components
  • Excellent technical knowledge
  • Technical problem solving skills
  • Willingness to engage in interdisciplinary exchange

My Mission for Mechanics & Optics Development:

Develop high-quality, easy-to-assemble and easy-to-use products and associated inspection and test equipment. We have already been able to prove this with our latest products. In my opinion, the foundations for high-quality product development are: a first-class working atmosphere, suitable work equipment, the appropriate team and team spirit as well as a constructive and cross-departmental exchange. Only if the requirements and challenges of other departments within our organisation are known, a good solution can be developed efficiently.

I am looking forward to the ideas and developments that we will drive forward together.

Matthias Mildner
Head of Product Development