Electronics and Control Engineering Development

Department role: Electronics and Control Engineering Development

  • Creating innovations in the control and regulation of deflection units
  • Definition of series-production and customer-specific tunings
  • Design of future-oriented electronics
  • Further development and maintenance of existing assemblies and cables
  • Setting up production support systems with technical documentation and associated instructions
  • Support of products from the design phase to the start of production
  • Close cooperation with experts from application, production, QA, projects and purchasing
  • Support of production, QA, sales and technical support

What characterizes a good „Electronics and Optics Developer“?

  • Broad-based expertise with corresponding depth of knowledge
  • High degree of creativity and initiative in problem solving
  • An independent and structured way of working
  • A steady hand when soldering and patience
  • Excellent teamwork skills in an interdisciplinary environment

My Mission for Electronics Development

We create electronics and controls of the future. These goals not only relate to the accuracy, speed and dynamics of deflection units, but also focus on usability and digitization. In the age of the so-called Industry 4.0, in addition to the pure performance of a system, ease of use with maximum information acquisition is also important. However, we can only succeed in this if the entire team pulls together and if there is also excellent cooperation across departments.

Our current systems are already working at the highest level of customer requirements, and so I look forward to the further challenges we will face.

Dr. Sebastian J. Pieczona
Head of Electronics and Control Engineering Development